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Megamarch Special

Find your SPECIAL Mega Marsh!



As the name suggests, our Megamarsch special events always have something special. The idea for the Megamarsch Spezial came about with Sylt. Our first Megamarsch Spezial took place there in 2018. While we started with 333 participants on Sylt in the first year, 555 mega marchers were allowed to take part in 2019. However, the number of participants will continue to be limited, so that 666 places will be available in 2020. Who is allowed to be there will be decided in a selection process based on the finished mega marches  . The special thing about the mega march on Sylt is above all the wind and weather conditions, which make the 100km a very special challenge 


In 2020, Mallorca was added as the second Megamarsch Spezial and initiated the 2020 Megamarsch season. Unlike on Sylt, the number of participants on Mallorca was not limited. What is special about Mallorca? The nature and the atmosphere! Look forward to beautiful 50km around Alcúdia! 


What connects the two mega marches is that there is a special medal for both and the ticket always includes a participant shirt. In addition, special regulations apply to the trophies for our special events, because they do not count for the Silver and Golden Trophy, but are also not mandatory for the Platinum Trophy. 


In June 2020 our first mega march special #WIRGENFEITER will also take place. Our first "Do It Yourself" mega march, where each of you hikes your own mega march at home. 50km or 100km - the choice is yours! This will be a very special challenge! 


Three special challenges are waiting for you! You can get more information by selecting the individual events. 

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