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50 kilometers in 12 hours

Find your 50km mega march!


The Megamarsch 50/12 is the little brother of the Megamarsch, meaning you walk half the distance in half the time. That means 50km in 12 hours. The Megamarsch 50/12 is ideal for beginners and your first Megamarsch challenge. But the 50km are by no means a stone's throw, but a great achievement! Because most people don't even hike 40km at a time in their lifetime. That's why there is also a certificate from the 2nd refreshment station in the Mega March 50/12   when you finish the Mega March 50/12. Anyone who makes it to the finish will receive a medal in addition to the certificate as well as admission to the Hall of Fame. 


The mega marches 50/12 start at 7:30 a.m. in the morning. There are fixed start times every half hour. From sunrise to sunset - that's the mega march 50/12! 


Four refreshment stations await you on our Mega Marches 50/12, which are set up about every 10 km.  The refreshments include, for example, water, fruit muesli bars, broth, milk rolls, coffee and other station-dependent products. Paramedics are available at the aid stations and on the route in case of an emergency so that help can be offered as quickly as possible.


Are you ready for a new big challenge? Leave your comfort zone today and sign up for a mega march 50/12! But the 50km are also interesting for repeat offenders, because you can get the award as a local hero or our "Silver Trophy" for taking part in several mega marches 50/12!

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