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With the Megamarsch voucher you can give your loved ones a voucher that can be used flexibly for our events. No matter which Stadt, no matter which Distanz - Your loved ones can freely decide for which event (except Sylt) the voucher should be used . The shipping of the voucher is free of charge, as it is a voucher sent by e-mail.

  • The voucher is valid for max. 3 years long. 
  • The voucher will be sent to Dir by E-Mail , so that you can print out the voucher at home and give it away - so there are no long delivery times. The email with the voucher code will be sent separately. So you get 2 emails  from us: First the general confirmation email that we have received your order and then the email with the voucher code. Since we create the voucher codes manually and make them for you, it 1-3 working days may take until we send you the voucher by email._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
  • The voucher CANNOT be used in our fan shop; and therefore NOT for the Family/ Friends Edition or for the City Challenge. 
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